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Mad Pride Bloggers is a social network designed to celebrate mad pride. We are a safe space and you can stay anonymous. Together, we can work to end the stigma associated with mental health disorders and get everyone back to a place of celebrating who they are. It's free to become a member. Feel free to join.

Mad Pride Bloggers Celebrate Made Pride

Mad Pride Bloggers is a social network of people who come together in a safe space to discuss our mental health diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment. We are a friendly space for those diagnosed with mental health disorders, where we celebrate our mental health. Support matters and online support works. Speaking up matters. Your voice may help someone else to speak up. Celebrate mad pride!

Celebrating Mad Pride

Mad Pride is a mass movement of those diagnosed with a mental health disorder who are proud of our mental health labels and want to celebrate our mental health with a badge of honor. Mad Pride events draw thousands of participants from around the world who celebrate mad pride and our diagnoses. Basically, we celebrate Mad Pride. Let's be grateful for those who treat us well, for those who have found a way to thrive despite a diagnosis, and for who we are as individuals. We are worth celebrating.

Let's Fight Stigma Together

Have you been blamed for your mental illness? Have you been told to "get over it"? Have you been told to "Stop attention seeking!"? Have you been called "weak" or "lazy"? Have you been told that your mental illness "is a choice"? This is WRONG and it's called mental health stigma. 

The correct response to mental illness is that you are cared for and are supported through the trauma. You are told that someone is there for you if you need them. You are called "strong" and "courageous." And you are told that, "It can happen to anyone," because it can happen to anyone. This is the RIGHT way to respond to anyone with mental health challenges and it's healing. 

Progress Takes Teamwork

Mad Pride Bloggers is a place where you will find support, encouragement, and understanding from others who are also diagnosed. Let's fight stigma together. Speaking up helps to fight against the stigma and taboo associated with mental health disorders. You never know who or how your words may help or impact another person. Together, we can fight mental health stigma!

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